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Model MIT - Marty's Mits Disposable Gloves


Marty's Mits

Dispoasable mit protects your customers from gas and diesel oders.

Each box contains 500 gloves
Combo Kit includes protective metal box and 500 gloves

(-)  - Box of 500 Marty's Mits disposable gloves
(-MB)- Metal Box to hold, dispense, and protect gloves
(-KIT) - Metal Box and Box of 500 gloves

Price: $27.50

Absorbent Socs


Specialized oil-only polypropylene Soc for use against oil and petroleum based spills.

2005-OIL412       3" x 4' Soc - 10 per case

2005-OIL124       3" x 12' Soc - 10 per case

Sales Sheet

Price: $66.47

Absorbent Pillows


Absorbent pillows meet a variety of cleanup and safety needs. Excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces.

2005-OIL1818-2    18" x 18" pillow. Used for oil only spills. Pillow will only absorb oil no water or water based solutions.- 8 per case

2005-AW1818-2     18" x 18" pillow. Suitable for all-purpose maintainance and spills.  - 8 per case

Sales Sheet

Price: $41.23

Environmental Oil Absorbent Pads


Economical contractor grade pads for oil clean up.

2005-ENV200          15" x 19" Light weight, double coverage pads - 200 per bale

2005-ENV300          15" x 19" Medium weight, pads - 100 per bale

Sales Sheet

Price: $79.08

The Ultimate Emergency Spill Response Kit
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UN approved water and chemical resistant polyethylene container with ring clamp top lid. Equipped with an array absorbent products. Absorbs up to 20 gallons. Also available in 55 gallon drum. Model # 2005-SKA-55.

Sales Sheet

Price: $154.84

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