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Model 731 - Flat Top Cap Top Seal

Model 731 - Flat Top Cap Top Seal

Low profile which extends only 5/8" above the adaptor, allows maximum clearence in manhole. A special low profile design allows for maximum clearence in manhole installations to comensate for ground heaving and settling. Our cam-action cap and ahndle design combines with the gasket to produce a water and vapor tight total seal solution. Truly the best i nthe industry.

Application -
Low profile which extends only 5/8” above the adapter, allows maximum clearance in manhole. Provides a total seal.

Features -
Water and vapor tight cam-action handle
Color-coded in “gray” for easy recognition and maintenance
Compatible with 724 and 724CA adapters
Non-corrosive polymeric coating
Compatible with E-85

Construction -
• All aluminum cast cap
• Ductile cast iron handle
• Buna-N Seal

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