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Market at the Pump
There are a few ways to get gas pumpers into the store while they are filling their tanks. We have seen digital gas-pump television advertisements being used at the pump, but those can can expensive for the average station owner. Another affordable option is to use Universal's BumperBoard Sign.

If you do not yet have Universal's BumperBoard Sign installed at the pump you may be losing valuabe customers while wasting underutilized space on your pipe guards around you dispensors. By installing a BumperBoard Sign on an existing pipe guard you can attract customers into the store by promoting specials and other products you would like to sell while the customer is filling their tank at the pump.

By utilizing this unused space on your pipe guards you are giving the customer more options for additional purcahses at your location. Marketing at the pump is an important part of running any business. so let us help you take advantage of your existing space to market to customers.

Marketing is an ongoing challeange so help boost your sales with universal Valve BumperBoard Sign. More information can be found here.